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Démontage G73JH/JW/SW et changement pate thermique GPU

Cet album contient les éléments suivants:

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This is a video how to disassemble this laptop and repaste its GPU.
-Remove the main access pannel
-Remove the blue ray drive screw
-Remove the drive
-Remove the 2 screws in the blue ray drive bay
-Remove every screw under the laptop (the big screw holes)
-Remove the 2 hard drives
-Remove the screw in each hard drive bay
-Remove the 2 screws near the RAM and the screw near the wireless
-Remove the small top cover
-Remove the 4 screws at each corners
-Gently remove the monitor
-Remove the keyboard by pressing on each tab and peel it off without bending it (it's pretty hard, take your time)
-Remove the 2 keyboard cables
-Remove the 4 screws
-Remove the 2 ribbon cables
-Remove the speaker cable BE CAREFUL, it's easy to rip off (you must loose the plug by using a small screwdriver, do NOT pull the cable without loosing it before)
-Remove the cover
-Remove all the cables (I don't think we need to unplug them all, but I did)
-Remove 3 screws from the mother board (2 at right and one up between 2 cables, there is a small "S" near each screws)
-Remove the 3 screws from each fan
-Remove your motherboard
-Remove the heatsink with the correct screw order
-CLEAN your GPU and heatsink with alcohol
-Apply a small thermal compound ball
-Replace the heatsink with the correct order again
That's pretty much it, I don't think I forgot anything. Then just do everything backwards and be careful, some cables can get stuck underneath the motherboard.
  1. Natalka aime ça.
  2. Natalka
    Ok mais que pensez-vous de ceci :

    il y a 3 partie=3 vidéos, celle-ci estla partie n2
    kankan aime ça.

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